• Complete Inventory Management

    Assets ⚑ Managed

  • Secure Access

    Adaptable ☁ Accessible

Cloud-Based Asset and Inventory Tracking System

CAITS is customizable to each unique business or client need, and can be adjusted on a state-by-state or
government-by-government basis to meet any unique regulatory requirements.


  • Sales Chain
    Forward and reverse manifest trees for all products in your sales chain.
  • Process Tracking
    Start to sale tracking of all components included in any process.
  • Work Flow
    Measure, model, pattern, control and analysis of you entire business.
  • Deep-Tracking
    Attach any digital files from security video to analysis reports with processes, locations, and workflow.
  • QR & Bar Coding
    Automate product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, and increase marketing capacities.


  • CRM
    Integrated relationship management of contacts, communications, reporting and more for complete workflow automation                         .
  • Business Groups
    Manage and integrate multiple businesses using our proprietary Admin Track feature.
  • Geo-Synchronization
    Business and customer location maps integrated with our CRM.
  • Report Generation
    Dynamic report generation in multiple formats.
  • Enterprise Systems
    Localized versions of the cloud with synchronization and APIs for hybrid designs.
  • Portal Controls


  • Purchase Orders
    Automate, Manage, Track & Report with our integrated purchase to pay process.
  • Manifests
    Open and closed manifest system tracks items from internal locations, through processes, and metamorphoses to final delivery or sale.
  • POS Systems
    Whole-sale, retail, and B2B checkout systems tied to our purchase orders and manifest applications.
  • Item Pricing
    Price individual items, batches, or lots to any product for both wholesale and retail sales.
  • Merchant Processing
    Integration with our multiple POS systems and various payment gateways.


  • HIPAA Compliant
    Enhanced security makes our cloud a complete solution for protecting sensitive patient data.
  • Administrative Permissions
    Complete multi-level control for all users in your system.
  • WatchDog Firewalls
    Expanded authentication and auditing options
  • Zero-client Server Spoofing
    No software at the client means that there is no vulnerability to malware
  • Real Time Threat Assessment

Featured professional applications


Hipaa compliant system integrating financial and clinical workflow processes to support all levels of medical management needs, patient privacy, and inventory control.


Track and manage asset portfolios, investors or corporate returns, product sales, inventory, and government regulatory compliance processes.


Track any agricultural product from seed to final sale, perfect for vintners tracking the wine-making process, brewers, and the growing medical cannabis industry.